Permanent Cosmetics

Permanent Makeup in Central AR

Permanent Cosmetics is the latest trend is esthetics and cosmetics. Lucky for you VSpa MedSpa in Russellville offers some of the best quality in permanent makeup application. If you hate waking up early each morning to apply a fresh coat of makeup or if you struggle to apply makeup due to a medical condition, permanent cosmetics might be the answer to your woes! The specialists at VSpa MedSpa can apply lipliner, eyeliner, blush, eyebrows, and even correct discoloration. No runs, no smears, no worries! Look below to see some of incredible transformations VSpa MedSpa clients have experienced with permanent makeup. Every person is beautiful, but VSpa MedSpa can make you stunning! 

Permanent Cosmetics - Before & After

Permanent Makeup has some incredible benefits! Do you realize how much of a hassle it is to apply makeup in your day to day routine?
  • Save time - No longer will you have to wake up early each morning to put on your makeup for the day
  • Save money - How often do you have to buy makeup applicators, a new bottle of eyeliner, or eyebrow kits? Permanent makeup is a one time cost!
  • Even application - Your eyebrows and eyeliner will always look even and incredible, as if it was applied by a professional! 
  • Professional application - Your eyeliner, lip liner, eyebrows, and more are applied BY A PROFESSIONAL! 
  • No more smudging or running - Rub your tired eyes, take a walk in the rain, forget about your sweat in the summer!
  • Look as great in the evening as you did in the morning
  • Great solution for eyesight impairment or unsteady hands!
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